Merrell chameleon 5 MID Ventilator GTX

The tarp is up and we’re ready to make fire and I’m more than impressed with the Chameleon 5 Mid Ventilator GTX Carbon boots I’m wearing from Merrell.

Stryke Pants from 5.11

If you thought tactical pants were just baggy battle dress without the camo-pattern, you might have to think again.

Thermarest - Luxurylite Cot

There are times when sleeping on the ground is unappealing. Rocky uneven surfaces can lead to a long night trying to avoid the rocks bruising your hips and ribs.  Despite always using a good quality self-inflating pad it's not always possible on an expedition to find a perfect campsite...

Seek Outside - Titanium Stove

For winter camping it's good to have a heat source in your shelter. We all know the dangers of open fires and barbecues and the obvious solution is a stove. However most stoves are both heavy and bulky, this titanium flat pack stove is light and packs small enough to be portable yet when assembled, it allows a large enough combustion chamber to heat a sizeable shelter.

Maptaq - Neo Watch

I have not used a watch for a couple of years.  Teaching bushcraft is more about the seasons and moving with natures rhythms. Then I saw myself on ITV's 'The Hungry Sailors' and didn't recognise the fat man on the screen.  It was time to get myself back in shape.

Waxed Tilley -TWC6

I honestly thought I'd not need another hat... then those nasty people at Tilley, in some sort of conspiracy, release two new designs.. the Waxed Tilley and the Winter Tilley, now I needed some new hats!

Chris Townsend asks...Up to the Challenge?

The weather ranged from heavy rain and wind to deep snow, before finishing with a few days of blazing sunshine

Psychology and the Satyr - When it starts to go wrong!  by Stuart Goring

According to the ancient Greeks Pan was the jovial and mischievous god of the wilderness

The Science of Water by British Red

Before we even consider how to make water safe, perhaps we should consider what makes it unsafe.

Winter Driving Advice

Breaking in a skid situation will cause the wheels to stop rotating so you will lose all traction


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